Are you looking to make your home beautiful and exactly what you want? You need to work with a professional. Learn about architectural drafting and design.

Are you looking to design and build your own home? Not sure of where to get started? If so, it’s highly recommended that you utilize the services of a residential architectural designer and drafter.

Architectural drafting and design services can work closely with you during the design and construction of your home, guiding you through every step and working to make your vision a reality.

Interested in learning more about drafting and design services? This blog post has you covered.

What Does an Architectural Drafter Do?

An architectural drafter is responsible for designing and drawing out designs of houses and other such structures. Working with future homeowners, they discuss and synthesize design ideas so that they make sense in a practical, functional setting.

Utilizing computer-aided design software (CAD), they draw up blueprints which detail both the interiors and exteriors of homes. These blueprints detail everything from the home’s foundation, to its roof, to its individual rooms, and much, much more.

The Benefits of Using Architectural Drafting Services

Designing a home on your own can be a bit of a challenge. There are several benefits associated with using residential architectural drafting services. They are as follows:

Error-free Design

When designing a structure, you have to take a lot more into account than just the structure’s aesthetic. To design a home that will withstand the test of time, you need a great deal of engineering knowledge.

Architectural drafters possess this engineering knowledge, and are trained to transfer it to detailed drawings. In essence, by utilizing the services of an experienced architectural drafter, you ensure that the design of your home is made without error.

Proper Use of Materials

There are a great number of construction materials, some of which thrive in some areas, and others of which thrive in other areas. If you haven’t established a proper knowledge base for these materials, there’s a good chance that you’re going to use them incorrectly.

How can you ensure that you use construction materials in the correct manner? By working with an architectural drafter.

A seasoned residential architectural drafter and designer will have a thorough understanding of building materials, and will know exactly which materials to use for specific purposes.


Regardless of what you may think, designing a home is not easy. It requires not only a great deal of effort, but a great deal of time as well.

Want to save time and effort? You’d be well-served by working with an architectural designer. He or she will handle all of the practical and logical responsibilities, allowing you to relax and brainstorm design ideas.

Optimized Creativity

Often times, when individuals try to design their homes on their own, they come up with only the most rudimentary of design ideas. This is because they don’t have a full understanding of what exactly is capable in home design.

Individuals such as this can most certainly benefit from working with a residential architectural drafter. An experienced drafter is well-aware of the functional constraints of houses, and will be able to push the limits in terms of creativity.

If you don’t want the same cookie-cutter house as everyone else in your neighborhood, it’s recommended that you utilize the services of a drafter.

The Process

There are several stages of working with a residential architectural drafter. They are as follows:

Initial Meeting

The first stage of working with a residential architectural drafter is the initial meeting. At this meeting, you will speak with your prospective designer and drafter to discuss your specific design project.

You will ask questions, provide ideas, and see if your project is appropriate for your prospective drafter. The prospective drafter will provide you with information about everything from cost of services, to schedules, to deliverables, and more.

If you and your prospective drafter strike up a fruitful relationship, you will agree to continue the designing process.

Early Design

After you have agreed to work together, your drafter will take a look at the property upon which you plan to build your house. He or she will create rough drawings of your future home, taking into consideration the design ideas that you provided in the initial meeting.

Throughout this stage, your drafter will show you pictures and drawings which represent his or her design ideas. You will discuss what you like about these drawings and what you don’t like about these drawings until your drafter provides you with something with which you are comfortable.

Documented Design

Once you’ve agreed on general design ideas with your drafter, he or she will set out to make more detailed drawings. These drawings will be more similar to blueprints.

While you won’t speak with your drafter much throughout this phase, he or she might still ask you for design recommendations. He or she will want to get consent from you for the design before moving on to the next stage.

Design Review

Once your designer has drawn up detailed drawings, he or she will submit them to the proper authorities. Typically, your municipal building administrators will assess these drawings, ensuring that they meet code for the municipality in which you live.

Depending upon how quickly your municipality reviews your design, this stage can take anywhere from a week to several months.


Once your design has been approved by your municipality, construction can begin. In most cases, you will hire a construction company which is independent from your architectural drafter. You can hire this company as early or as late as you’d like.

Your drafter will turn over your detailed designs to the construction company you hired so that said company can carry out the project. Typically, the construction company will speak with your drafter during construction so that everything goes as planned.

Benefit from Residential Architectural Drafting and Design

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